Rhythm in Music  Rhythm is one of the most important features of a composition. It sets the context and the mood of the piece. A slow rhythm usually denotes more somber, serious and thoughtful feelings. A faster rhythm usually conveys action, intensity and forward motion.

There are many choices of meter you can use besides 4/4 rhythm, to help create more ambiguity and individuality. You can use 7/8 time, 5/4 time and 6/8 time. It is a good idea to listen to other pieces in different types of meters to get fresh ideas on how to interpret melody and harmony over these types of rhythms.

Rhythm can also identify a piece of music culturally. There are distinct rhythms used in Latin music, Indian music, gospel, jazz, hip hop and all other styles. Acquainting yourself with the types of rhythm associated with these genres can help you to compose your ideas more clearly.